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Transport and Logistics



The logistic department carries out EXPRESS shipments on a daily basis throughout the national territory, guaranteeing, in 90% of cases, deliveries within 24/48 hours. We work by entrusting our goods to the most important national and international couriers and shippers, depending on the areas of surrender, helping us to be more performing
possible in deliveries, offering free tracking number service, which will allow you to personally check, step by step, the delivery status. The close collaboration allows us to manage any kind of need or urgency, coordinating the best, throughout the national territory, options such as: Express deliveries at 10:00, Express deliveries at 12:00, Exchange service, service mark, requests withdrawal and much more!


The warehouse offers a wide range of products in constant evolution with accurate controls on the quality of goods. Checks made by more people on the material, finishing, integrity on arrival of goods and before packaging for shipments. The items are stored in shelving and canitlever with great care and operating logic. We use 95% of recyclable packaging materials with paper or cardboard. All marked with our unique identifying logo.