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50 Years of Experience



Our company operates in the field of glass, construction and furniture since 2003 as distribution and wholesale and is the result of many years of experience (since 1969) on the part of the founders.

Attentive to the needs of the market, we have distinguished ourselves in the constant research of metals for glass, tempered, stratified with particular prestige and certainty, conceiving and selecting them in order to always offer the best quality / price ratio, without neglecting aesthetics, functionality and solutions. avant-garde for an elegant, technical and innovative result.


The innovation, the attention to the customer and the commitment to the constant improvement of the services, are the factors that have brought Glass Com, to propose systems and technologies related to glass, which contain in itself, the qualities to satisfy both the practical needs of installers, designers and requests for functionality.

We were born with the aim of producing and marketing a complete range of accessories for glass in particular: metals for temperate.


The mechanisms of hinges and door closers are tested and certified internationally, the finishes are subjected to accurate salt spray corrosion tests in order to guarantee an impeccable appearance even after many years of use. The essential design and the design of our accessories for tempered glass allows easy matching with any other element of modern or classic furniture, in such a way as to make possible a wide variety of realizations.


Our company feature distinguishes us for the commercial hierarchy, dynamism, flexibility and many years of experience, allowing us to meet the need of modern architectural design with functional and cutting-edge solutions.


Our professionalism and commercial correctness, has allowed us to create collaborations with high-level producers of innovative products in the field of technical systems, sliding, combined and glass shower enclosures, to be able to fulfill every type of request coming from the market always more careful and demanding in the continuous search for quality, practicality and elegance.

Each of our products is studied in detail, from the design phase to the realization phase, with an eye to the functions and applications of well-being, enhancing the charm and sophistication of Made in Italy design.