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The Glass Com s.r.l. born in 2003, wisely structured thanks to more than 50 years of experience in the glass business in building and furniture, it boasts a maturity in business relationships that always guarantees an excellent relationship in negotiation, in the contractual procedures. The business contacts always ready and to collect, understand the needs of each customer, have decision-making autonomy even in structuring forms of collaboration with customers, in a strong, decisive manner. We want to be by your side as a partner for constant, exponential, bidirectional growth.


When the need arises, we are ready to take up the challenge to solve and give an optimal solution to the customer. At your complete disposal with competence and passion to study your project for exteriors or interiors; we want to enhance your environment with you! With design articles respecting the safety, resistance and functionality required. We start with paper and pen, we design and try to understand the critical points, we start the research, we refine it, we present the first solutions, we test with the customer the degree of satisfaction, found the right solution, we consolidate the negotiation.


Upon request we can make custom-made parts! Point attachments with different sizes or diameters, balustrade columns, oversize handles … are just examples! If required the empirical test, we realize the architectural design project in-house, building the prototype on 3D digital printing. In this way the test can be carried out which is based on practice and not only on theoretical knowledge. The best way to test the functionality and the correct use. Every single accessory, like the hinges, from the sliding door, to the clamp, to the shelter, has been designed or chosen, with careful evaluation criteria to give maximum performance and durability. This procedure ensures the maximum reduction of any problems during the installation guaranteeing maximum use.