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We collaborate with production and distribution companies that guarantee us with their commitment and our commitment the right result in deliveries in the times, in the commercial and qualitative aspect. The greatest satisfaction comes from customers who frequently ask for a relationship not based on the simple and monotonous sale / purchase negotiation but structured, managed for bilateral growth in the territory. We offer services that recognize us in many being fundamental in a good relationship of cooperation. Consulting, innovation, dynamism, rapid deliveries. We give the possibility to realize metal details on drawing. On request you can ask for the personalized packaging or the accessories with vs logo. We have a constant presence on the territory in a capillary manner. The diffusion and constancy on the new information and dissemination channels help us to make our products known. The general catalog, designed and completely renewed, is an excellent work tool that allows us to interact in a simple and dynamic way in the choice of articles. A good collaboration always comes from the will and we are open to the demands and get involved. Our agents will be ready to meet the needs and to structure new forms of collaboration together.